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  • 5.8

    Smoke House Grill

    Greater Kailash 2 Night Club, European
    Reviewed on Jul 06, 2012
    Great Food Great Ambience

    I owe this restaurant for introducing me to Chocolate Fondant! The best thing in the world for a sweet tooth like me. Their helpings are the perfect size and I love the ambience. I try something new everytime I eat here and I've never been disappointed....(more)

  • 5.6


    Chanakyapuri Japanese, Thai
    Reviewed on Jul 12, 2012
    Extremely exciting DJ revealing over the weekends! Worth going just for that!

    Love the tepenyaki and the decor. Ambience is amazing with the giant statues! The tepenyaki counters are great to sit around cause the chefs always do these amazing drinks. Complete value for money. Their fried avocado sushi is the best thing i've had...(more)

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